District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility

The DCPIF issues Essential Property insurance for :

Non-Habitational Classes:-
     Commercial Fire Form -CP 00 99 Standard Property Policy

Habitational Classes:-
     Dwllieng Fire Form -  DP-1

    Homeowner Forms
        HO-2 Broad Form Dwelling
        HO-4 Tenants Form
        HO-6 Condominium Owners Form
        HO-8 Modified Coverage Form

DC PIF Maximum Coverage Limits:  

      Commercial and Dwelling Fire

  • Fire-resistive         $1,500,000

  • Masonry                 $1,500,000

  • Frame                    $1,500,000


  •     Coverage A Dwelling-     $455,000 

  •     Coverage C Contents      $227,500


Dwelling and Commercial forms

Commercial and Dwelling Fire

•  EXTENDED COVERAGE - coverage against direct loss to property caused by windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles and smoke. FIRE
•  VANDALISM & MALICIOUS MISCHIEF - coverage against direct loss to property caused by vandalism and malicious mischief. This coverage is NOT available if property is vacant or unoccupied.

Coverage is NOT provided for loss caused by other perils or for indirect loss. Further, coverage is limited to those forms offered by the Facility.

COMMERCIAL and HABITATIONAL properties will NOT be written under the same policy, as each of these risk categories requires a separate contract. No "scheduled" property policies are available. Each property requires a separate application and if eligible will receive a separate policy.


•  Broad Form Perils -Forms HO-2, 4, &6
•  Limited Perils Form HO-8

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